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Dina Akel
Fashion Director

Fashion is my PASSION! For real though, it is. I've worked in the bridal industry for 6+ years now and I have been reselling clothing online for about 4+ years. My inspiration for this business came to me when I had various conversations with my colleagues in the bridal industry about how we continuously have gowns filling up storage because of slight wear and tear, it's out of season, or because there is just not enough space in our showrooms. 

For some time I had also asked a few designers if there's anything sustainable about the industry and it was just very difficult to get straight answers. So I thought why not create a sustainable  process to consistently keep inventory moving and provide a more affordable option for customers but also make it affordable for business owners to keep up with their yearly MOQ's from designers. 

Now, business owners are happy that they can recoup investment and afford new inventory, designers are happy that their partners are continuously ordering, and customers are especially happy because of the great discounts!

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Designer Gowns for less!
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Located in Nashua, NH, Preowned Gowns is a boutique that provides overstock, discontinued, and gently used designer dresses online and in store. Our company collaborates with businesses all over the US to provide clients with affordable occasion wear. The collection features lightly used floor samples as well as unused inventory from various dress shops.

Preowned Gowns is a supporter of sustainable fashion and we weave this into our business ethos. Knowing the impact the industry has on climate change, we seek to be a part of the movement towards a more eco-friendly future. As the desire for consignment clothing grows, our company is devoted to taking part in this development away from fast fashion. 

To make finding a gown online easier, our team at Preowned Gowns provides online and in person styling services. We can assist with helping clients measure themselves and direct them to the gowns that best suit their preferences and budget. In addition, we are able to provide advice on tailoring and alterations. After choosing a dress online, the client can have the gown shipped to them to try on and have a second consultation with one of our stylists. When choosing your dream dress in person you'll be left with all you need to prepare for your event date. From dresses for the one swapping vows to attire for the wedding party, our store has a range of options.


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Our company is here to stand for sustainable fashion, beginning with the recycling of companies overstock and discontinued garments. The clothing industry contributes up to 10% of the pollution driving the climate crisis, and we Americans throw away an average of 82 pounds of textile waste per year! This all boils down to cut-rate prices, overconsumption, and a culture of convenience.

By implementing sustainable fashion practices, such as shopping secondhand, we can reduce these carbon emissions and help to repair our planet. According to ThreadUp, shopping consignment is poised to be bigger than shopping fast fashion by 2029, and we want to be a part of this growing fashion revolution! Preowned Gowns is dedicated to promoting sustainability in all forms, and will work to reduce the fashion industry’s carbon footprint in any way we can.