Dina Akel
Fashion Director

Fashion is my PASSION! For real though, it is. I've worked in the bridal industry for 5+ years now and I have been reselling clothing online for about 4+ years. My inspiration for this business came to me when I had various conversations with my brides and friends about how we only really wear these beautiful gowns once and then sometimes never have an opportunity to wear them again. I've spoken to shop owners who have gowns sitting in storage due to them needing repairs, cleaning, or  they were just an outdated style that is not "IN" this season.

So why not share them? Why not create a sustainable means to reduce our closets by  finding new eyes who need them? New eyes that prefer not to spend the original price tag?

These are just a couple things that I think about. I love what I do and I'm here to share it with you.

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Designer Gowns for less!
Bridal gowns, Bridesmaid dresses, evening gowns, and more...

Pre-Owned Gowns is an online consignment for special occasion dresses. We work with local businesses and community members to provide you lightly used designer gowns at a fraction of the price.

Special occasion gowns are just that! for a special occasion, which we know only comes around the corner every once in a while. Many of these gowns are worn only once and then left it in our closets. For local shops who have to keep up with continuous trends, your older inventory just sits there in storage and sometimes thrown away. So we've come up with a solution that is sustainable.

We've created a marketplace for local buyers to find the PERFECT dress, while saving the planet and saving your pockets!

Consider us your online dress consignment for your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses and more.


Our company is here to stand for sustainable fashion, beginning with the recycling of our own closets. The clothing industry contributes up to 10% of the pollution driving the climate crisis, and we Americans throw away an average of 82 pounds of textile waste per year! This all boils down to cut-rate prices, overconsumption, and a culture of convenience.

By implementing sustainable fashion practices, such as shopping secondhand, we can reduce these carbon emissions and help to repair our planet. According to ThreadUp, shopping consignment is poised to be bigger than shopping fast fashion by 2029, and we want to be a part of this growing fashion revolution! Preowned Gowns is dedicated to promoting sustainability in all forms, and will work to reduce the fashion industry’s carbon footprint in any way we can.


PreOwned Gowns sells on many platforms Including:




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