• Dina

Making Masks For Local Hospitals During Covid-19 Pandemic

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Preowned Gowns is proud to announce that we’re joining the New England community group Covid Shield in sewing masks for local hospitals. Our first donation went to the Presbyterian hospital in New York.

We are so happy that we are making a difference one mask at a time. Every mask purchased is a mask donated.

We will continue to sew until this virus has ended!

Make sure to check out our Covid Shield Boston Page on Facebook and show your support!

Anything helps! Even just by pressing the like button!


To all our lovely customers and community friends, please stay safe and healthy.


On Friday April 10, We dropped off a donation of masks to the CEO of the Nielsen Eye Center in Quincy, MA. We thank the staff for caring for patients during this pandemic and hope our masks will make a difference.